About me

Since 1995 in the IT Sector, Portugal, Ireland and Belgium, my main goal is to integrate a job and a team that challenge me, that I’m comfortable with and most importantly, an environment that I can feel good in and contribute to. My philosophy is “Making it Happen”. I never turn my back to a problem, I’m a team player, but if needed I can work alone too. I’m calm, responsible and reliable. I prefer to work in an organized environment, since I’m very organized in terms of agenda and work plan. I plan everything I can, but of course there is unplanned issues, which I can also handle. Technically speaking I’m able to execute tasks under pressure. I’m a very good problem solver and have a great incident management know-how, both IT and DEV. My starting point in 1995 gave me a solid basis, like working specifically from Windows Server from NT 4.0 to 2012 and beside that, working from VB6 to Visual Studio 2015.

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