On-Premises Provider-hosted Apps – Part I

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PART I – Creating a Task List and Fundamental Configurations

Part II – Creating a High Trust relationship between your Web Application and SharePoint 2013

There is many information on the Internet in order to configure SharePoint Apps, the problem is that a sequence of small errors can broke your configuration. This article is provided in a way that you can follow a sequence that will help you configuring SharePoint 2013 Provided-hosted Apps On-Premises. I will provide some links in order to you configure each point of the Task List

I assume that you have SharePoint and IT Skills

Before you begin:

SharePoint 2013 Provider Hosted Apps Model:

  1. From Microsoft: Choose patterns for developing and hosting your app for SharePoint – Provider-hosted apps

What tools will i need:

  1. Microsoft Web deploy 3.5
  2. IIS 6.0 Resource Kit

Help me build a Task List in a DEV Environment

  1. Configure DNS
    1. Create a Host A for your main SharePoint Application for IP: sp.domain.local
    2. Create a Host A for IIS Application (Isolated) for IP: web.domain.local
    3. Create a Host A for the App Catalog (Isolated) for IP: apps.domain.local
    4. Edit your host file “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc”

The goal pointing to localhost, is you can resolve all sites even not connected to Internet

  1. Configure SharePoint 2013 Apps
    1. Create a App Catalog Site in sp.domain.local under /sites/
    2. Configure SharePoint Central Administration for the App Catalog
  2. Configure IIS for web.domain.local
    1. Install Management service delegate
    2. Manage Certificates
    3. Apply SSL to web.domain.local

Create Hosts in DNS


Install Management service delegate

image image

Create a App Catalog Site in sp.domain.local under /sites/



Create as SP_Farm because you Can’t manage Apps as System Account

Manage Certificates


Double Click Your Certificate to CER File
Right Click Your Certificate to PFX File

Apply SSL to web.domain.local


Hope that help you, I’ll see you on part II


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